Planning Your Vacation

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Use Those Vacation Days, Don’t Lose them!  Stop making excuses and start planning your vacation.

That’s the sentiment behind the Plan for Vacation Day (January 28). The campaign is part of Project Time: Off, which was launched by the U.S. Travel Association to encourage Americans to use up their paid vacation days.

More than half of American workers (55%) left paid vacation days on the table last year. That’s about 768 million unused vacation days, of which 236 million were forfeited completely.

What’s the key to using your vacation days? Actually planning them!

Believe it or not, nearly half of American households (46%) miss this vital step. The beginning of the year is a great time to get your calendar out and block out those vacation days. Let’s face it, life gets busy. Before you know it, it’s November and you don’t have any time left in the year to schedule your vacation days.

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In addition to losing money, forfeiting your paid vacation days can lead to increased stress and decreased productivity. Weeks of the pressures and responsibility of your job without an extended break can disrupt your actions and analysis at work. Taking time away from work responsibilities can reduce your stress and promote an optimistic mindset.

Daytona Beach is the ideal spot to recharge and rejuvenate. Sunny days, warm breezes and the therapeutic sound of the ocean waves are the perfect antidote for the stress of responsibilities and a heavy workload. Science has shown that people tend to be happier in warmer months and less so in the overcast or gloomier months. The Florida sunshine is available year round, so you can access that happy mood whatever month you decide to visit Daytona Beach. 

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At The Plaza Resort & Spa, you can melt your stresses away even quicker with a relaxing massage at our onsite Ocean Waters Spa. Warm stone massage, deep tissue massage, body wraps, scrubs and others — there’s a treatment for every need.

Pull out your 2020 calendar, mark off those vacation days and give us a call today or visit our specials page to book your Daytona Beach getaway!