Why "Travel More" Should be Your Only
New Year's Resolution

If you’ve ever had trouble sticking to your New Year’s resolutions, here’s an idea. Make one you’ll actually want to keep! Whether it’s making a list of local areas to explore or planning a that bucket list getaway, there are lots of reasons to make travel a priority this year. And let’s face it. It will be a lot more fun than eating more broccoli and counting carbs!

fun memories

You’ll be happier:

The more you travel, the more self-confidence you’ll gain. Travel provides new experiences and fun memories that can boost your optimism. Visiting new places helps you broaden your scope of thinking and give you a perspective on the world you might not have by staying home.

walk on beach

You can unplug:

Our faces are in our phones and computers most of the day. When we aren’t working, we’re checking texts, Snaps, and Instagram posts. Stepping away from your everyday routine is a great opportunity to look up and look around. A mini detox, if you will. Take a walk, enjoy the outdoors, catch up with your family. And you don’t have to Instagram every move you make, either. Be in the moment. Appreciate the here and now.

healthy you

A healthier you:

 Did you know just 20 minutes of sunlight can give you that dose of Vitamin D your body needs? Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium and promotes bone growth. Sunshine and warmth already seem to improve a person’s mood and Vitamin D helps ward off depression (Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing!).

 In addition, a recent study conducted by the American Psychological Association concluded that taking a vacation reduces stress by removing people from the activities and environments that they associate with anxiety or stress.

Need a few ideas on where to go? Make a wish list! Start a “Let’s Go” Pinterest board or go old school and pen our ideas in your composition notebook or journal. Chances are, there are several places in your own state or city you’ve not gotten around to checking out yet. Easy weekend trips make a great jumping off point for your 2017 travel resolutions.

If you live in the Daytona Beach area — or plan to visit Florida this month — here are a few events you should check out:

  • St. Augustine Night of Lights: This dazzling light festival runs through January 31st. The historic district glows with some three million lights, and downtown businesses stay open later so you can enjoy shopping and dining amidst the magical displays. Walking tours and carriage tours are also a fun way to enjoy the festival.
  • Daytona Freeride presented by Pro Watercross: From January 12 – 15. The world’s largest stand up Jet Ski Freeride, it’s also one of the most popular freestyle events on the east coast.
  • Jack Hanna’s “Into the Wild”: January 21 at the Peabody Auditorium. America’s favorite “zookeeper extraordinaire” and nature lover visits Daytona Beach with some of his creature companions.
  • Daytona 5K and Fun Walk: January 28 at the International Speedway. A fun way to kick off the Rolex 24.
  • Rolex 24: January 28-29 at the International Speedway. For 55 years, racing legends from all over the world have come to Daytona to compete in this grueling 24-hour marathon. From sunrise to sunset, fans can watch drivers battle an army of internationally represented rivals.