6 Top Tips

for Travel with Kids

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Sometimes traveling with younger children can be a challenge. However, it’s a small price to pay for instilling a love for travel in your kids at an early age. Whether you’re flying into Daytona Beach or road tripping your way to the Plaza Resort & Spa, here are six tips to help make your family vacation smooth and stress-free.

Pack smart. Use a large Ziplock bag to pack a full outfit — down to the socks and undies — for each child. This makes it easy for kids to dress themselves while on vacation, and it ensures you don’t forget any article of clothing.

Give them a camera. Purchase a disposable (kid-friendly), durable camera. This will keep them occupied and they can learn early the fun of documenting their adventures.

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Encourage them to keep a travel journal. Give it to them when you depart for vacation. Get them drawing things they see, keeping lists of things they’ve done or observations they’ve made during vacation. They can even add the photos they’ve taken along the way. When your children are grown, looking back on their travel journals is a sweet memory of the exciting adventures you’ve had as a family over the years.

Provide activities for the journey. Giving younger children varied activities throughout the trip can help keep the “Are we there yet?” questions at bay. Handheld puzzles, age appropriate word searches, coloring books, and small car/plane friendly crafts are a few ideas.

A fun and easy activity you can make before your trip is the “Airport (or Road Trip) Scavenger Hunt”. Make a list of items they must check off when they see them. Include things like: a person traveling alone, a Georgia license plate, a pilot, a blue truck, an empty water bottle, a surfboard on top of a car, etc. Whomever completes their list first gets a special treat or maybe gets to choose where you eat dinner one night during vacation.

Pack snacks. Make sure to include mostly healthy options like granola bars, fruit or Goldfish. A kid who’s had too many sugary treats might make for a stressful long plane or car ride! Don’t forget to also pack hand sanitizer and wipes for post snack clean-up.

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Go for a Suite! Booking a larger room for your family is always a good idea, and the suites at the Plaza Resort & Spa are ideal for families with kids. Spacious and well-designed, they give families plenty of room to spread out. In addition, you can save a chunk of your vacation budget by eating more dinners and snacks in. Our suites  include a well-stocked kitchen area that features a full-size refrigerator, sink, stove and a microwave.

Ready to start making memories with your family in Daytona Beach? Give us a call  or book your room today!