Squeeze out the Last Bit of Summer

with a Daytona Beach Getaway

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As summer wanes into fall, it may be tempting to jump back into the hustle and bustle without turning back. However, September is a great time to enjoy a weekend getaway to Daytona Beach. The water temperature is perfect and the weather still ideal, but there are many more reasons to ditch the office and come to the Plaza Resort & Spa! Here are a few to consider.

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No crowds:
With school back in full swing, the beach crowds have dissipated. You can enjoy quiet walks on the beach and minimal interruptions to those sun-inducing beach naps. Also, fewer crowds mean no long waits for your favorite popular local restaurants!

Fresh air:
Many of us spend eight hours in a boring office. The only tropical view we get is on our screen saver. In addition, often times we rarely make it away from our desk for a lunch break. The ocean breeze and the salt air are enough to cure any office doldrums.

Get your vitamins:
Vitamin D is often called the “sunshine vitamin” because your body synthesizes vitamin D when you have adequate sun exposure. Getting enough vitamin D is important for the regulation of calcium and phosphorus absorption. It’s also vital for maintaining healthy bones and teeth. So, head to the beach! Doctors’ orders!


Hit the spa:
Do you really need an excuse to take some time for yourself? Harried schedules, work deadlines, and family obligations can generate a lot of stress. Eliminate that stress and refresh your spirit with a massage package at our onsite Ocean Waters Spa. From body scrubs to deep tissue treatments, you’ll find the perfect one to help you recuperate from all life throws at you.

Play hooky:
Getaways aren’t just for the weekend. Hit the beach mid-week and take advantage of cheaper rates and fewer crowds. It’s the perfect way to recharge. You’ll be ready to take on the world!

Whatever your reasons are for hitting Daytona Beach for a couple of days, a September getaway to the Plaza Resort & Spa is the perfect answer for them all. 

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