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7 Tips for Your Daytona Beach Bike Week Road Trip

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Bike Week in Daytona kicks off the motorcycle season and is a whirlwind of live music, bike shows, entertainment, tattoo contests, vendors and all things motorcycle! It’s the ideal opportunity to ride, relax and hang out with fellow enthusiasts. If you’re planning an exciting road trip to Daytona for the festivities, here are some great tips:

1. Service Your Bike Before you hit the road, avoid unnecessary heartache by getting your bike serviced. Make sure the oil is changed, the filters are fresh and the tires have the proper pressure. Breaking down on the road and missing the event is not a story you want to tell. Also, ensure your battery is good and the connections are in great shape. Once you’re at the event, you may be sitting in traffic for long stretches, so it’s critical to make sure your bike is ready for it. Oil temperatures will also be high from waiting, so you may want to consider full synthetic oil.

2. Check the Weather Don’t just check the weather for your ride to Daytona; you should know what to expect 10 days out so that you aren’t caught by surprise. Plan for any inclement weather with the proper gear, and you’ll be very glad you did!

3. Book Early Hotel rooms fill up fast during Bike Week, so it’s an excellent idea to book your room at the Plaza Resort & Spa early. Our hotel is close to the action and an extremely popular place to stay, so it’s smart to make accommodations with us months in advance for this event. If you didn’t plan ahead, call us anyway and ask to be placed on our cancellation list.

4. Get Informed Check out the official Bike Week website, where you’ll find a complete calendar of events, vendor information, news and contests. Look into the travel guide to find out about Daytona attractions, restaurants and beaches.

5. Stay Safe It’s a good idea to stay near Main Street with the majority of the other Bike Week attendees. This location is where people park their bikes and the most activity occurs. Stay aware of where you park your bike to prevent thief. Keep your lights on and wear bright colors to make yourself more visible to automobile drivers. Erring on the side of caution is never a bad idea.

6. Check Out the Deals If you look for the manufacturer’s area of the event, you might find some once-in-a-lifetime deals on accessories, parts and merchandise. Manufacturers like Harley-Davidson will often be running show-exclusive specials and discounts, so it’s worth it to take the time to check them out.

7. Plan Ride Routes The week is not just about the excitement of everything going on at the festival; it’s also about great rides. Daytona has a lot to offer bikers with routes to DeLand through DeLeon Springs State Park, travel to Edgewater through magnificent live oaks or paths to oceanfront breakfast at Crabby Joe’s at Ponce Inlet.

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