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Beach Life Primer: Tips to help you relax on your Florida vacation

family building sand castle on beach

Stress from vacation planning and packing often makes unwinding at the beach seem like an impossible feat. Vacations are a chance to recharge and re-energize. These six tips will help you make the most of that opportunity.

1. Don’t overschedule your vacation.
Whether you’re visiting the same destination you go to each year or traveling to a new place, it’s often challenging to avoid the temptation of doing every single thing there is to do there. If you’re a planner, make sure to balance your active time with periods of rest. Take a nap. Build a sandcastle. Enjoy slow strolls on the beach at sunset (or sunrise if you’re a morning person!).

2. Unplug.
Our smart phones are with us 24/7 and many of us bring our laptops with us on vacation. If it’s imperative that you check your work email, make a commitment to check in only once a day and for a limited period of time. Put your phone away and read a book or a magazine. Better yet, spend time in quality conversation with the people you’re traveling with. If you’re on a family vacation, it’s an ideal time to connect and catch up with those you love.

3. Be flexible.
Your kayak tour gets rained out. An unexpected sunburn curtails your beach time for the day. The baby’s extended nap made you miss a dinner reservation. Life doesn’t stop just because we’re on vacation, but how we respond to those little hiccups can help keep anxiety at bay. Enjoy a movie or souvenir shopping on a rainy afternoon. Lather on that aloe lotion and go visit a local museum. Enjoy room service in your pajamas. Those “change of plans” can often create the most memorable moments.

4. Tune into your natural rhythm.
Get back on your clock, not your workday clock. Wake up when your body tells you. Eat when you’re hungry and go to sleep when your body tells you to (yes, that includes naps!). Clear your mind of “to do” lists and other daily clutter as much as you can. Focus on living in the moment.

5. Spa time.
A relaxing massage, a rejuvenating facial or being pampered with a pedicure are ideal ways to completely relax while you’re on vacation. Here at the Plaza Resort and Spa, our Ocean Waters Spa is a tranquil retreat where you can do just that. We offer more than 30 blissful treatments to choose from.

6. Prepare for re-entry.
Rolling back into work after a long day of travel can leave you anxious and tired. Plan to return home on a Saturday afternoon so you have a buffer day to ease back into “normal life” by Monday. In addition, block out time on your calendar for your first day back to catch up.

It’s not too late to schedule a last-minute beach getaway before school starts back. Click today to book your Daytona Beach vacation!

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