6 Compelling Reasons

to Have a Beach Wedding


Planning a wedding can be super stressful. With everything from flowers and cake to food and music, there’s so much to consider. One of the most important decision is where to have the ceremony.

Many couples opt for ocean side nuptials – and for good reason. In fact, at the Plaza Resort & Spa we’ve come up with six good reasons to get hitched beachside.

daytona beach wedding

1. It’s romantic. The sound of waves crashing, the sun glistening off the water, and a salty sea breeze whispering through your hair – it doesn’t get more romantic than that

2. It’s an automatic vacation. When you get married at the Plaza Resort & Spa, spend a few days before and after your wedding and make the most of your time here. Work on your tan and enjoy poolside drinks before the big day. Pamper yourself in our Ocean Waters Spa the morning of your wedding. Why not spend your honeymoon here, too? Our Jacuzzi Suites are the perfect place to sequester yourself post-wedding

3. Less stress. With our onsite wedding professionals, a relaxing beach atmosphere, and extensive catering options, a wedding at the Plaza Resort & Spa is easy on your anxiety. Whether you decide to wed on our terrace overlooking the ocean or make it a black-tie affair, we’ll manage all the details to make it perfect.

4. It’s uniquely you. While traditional weddings are great, many brides want to put their own stamp on their special day. Whether it’s a casual gathering or an elegant affair, a wedding by the ocean is definitely not a cookie cutter experience. You have the freedom to make it your own. Go minimalist on the décor, say “I do” barefoot, or have your wedding march serenaded by a ukulele

5. Open environment makes for chattier guests. Your guests can socialize better in open and airy environments. Events outside tend to bring out a “feel good” mood, which makes people more sociable.

6. Your wedding photos will rock. With a scenic ocean side backdrop, your wedding album will be amazing.

No matter what your dream day looks like to you, the Plaza Resort & Spa is the ideal venue. Whether you envision a beachfront ceremony with your family or a black tie reception for two hundred guests, we provide a variety of wedding packages to fit any budget. Give us a call (386-267-1637) and let us help make your wedding day everything you’ve ever wished for.